Foyle Cycling Club

Cycling club based in Derry

Foyle Cycling Club - Cycling club based in Derry
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Race news

Rules for inter-league road race series

(Four Masters, North Pole, Errigal, Foyle cycling clubs)

January 24, 2011

1.     Safety is paramount at these races. Rules of the road must be followed and those deviating will be disqualified.

2.     Riders must not cross the white line when racing.

3.     The organizing club will provide a lead car for each group. This will normally mean four cars.

4.     The organizing club will provide a finish line camera.

5.     Club riders must wear their club colours to be considered for a finishing place.

6.     All clubs are to circulate the grades of their club riders, from 1 to 4, to the above member clubs six weeks before the first event. Grade 4 is considered to be a “scratch” rider.

7.     Once riders have been assigned a group they are not to change without the organizing club’s permission. Any rider found to change groups without the organizing clubs permission will face automatic disqualification.

8.     Clubs will provide a sign-on sheet with their participating members to the organizer on the night of the event 15 minutes before race start.

9.     The organizing club will decide the time interval between each graded group.

10. Riders who finish either first, second or third in a race will move to a lower handicapped group when they next race in the inter-league.

11. Riders must be born before 1995, i.e. at least 15 years old.

12. Entry fee is £2 or 3euro.

13. Points will be awarded to finishing riders’ club as follows; 1st;15, 2nd;14: 3rd;13: 4th ;12: 5th:11 and so on until the fifteenth finisher has scored 1 point.

14. The club accumulating most points will receive 4 points, second highest scoring club will receive 3 points and so on. If two clubs tie for second and third they will each receive half of the total points, i.e. 2 ½

15. Have some fun!

Date Location Organizer distance
24 May Galdonagh 4 Masters 35km
29 June Dore, Glenveagh Errigal 34km
20 July Burt Foyle 32km
18 August Ballyliffin North Pole 33km