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Week-end Feb 27.2011; open race results

Saturday’s club ride was well attended with over 25 riders turning up for the various sessions on offer.
In the absence of the designated leader Terry D kindly stepped (or rode)forward to take the women’s group for a trip round by the Inishowen peninsula. The numbers for this session continue to grow which is great to see. It is also excellent that so many of the club’s experienced riders have helped in leading and encouraging the group on various Saturdays.
The main club ride headed south thru Donemana, Artigarvan and the loop round by Clady. With an initial quotient of almost 20 the numbers were somewhat unwieldy but things soon settled out when several including Lawrence, Chris and Eamonn turned off at Strabane, the first two in preparation for Sunday’s Phoenix GP.
Heading on the back road to Clady Peter McP continued to show his early season fitness and was well matched by new man Adrian Mc and ever present Fergal. Reaching the main road to Lifford these three, the king of Carn, and a few others were dispatched Derry-wards at a faster pace whilst Gavin, Billy, Ciaran O’D, and treasurer Peter lead some of the newer members home at what was expected to be a more relaxed pace.
As sometimes happens in cycling things did not materialize as planned as having fixed a late puncture on Diarmuid’s steed we charged up the road eager to make up for lost time. All were making the pace well and Carrigan’s brae proved only a temporary obstacle to our forward pace as Gavin, Geoff, and Dermot took the honors with the rest of the bunch in close proximity.
The final dash for the old dairy honours was hotly contested and Gavin showed a nose for the honours as he dashed past an excellent lead out from your scribe to pip Geoff on the line.
All enjoyed the 50 mile plus circuit. Pat and Ian completed their longest club trip. Ryan continued his preparation for the Duke of Ed award.
A good morning’s work.
Sunday was also a busy day for the club with a regular club ride on offer as well as several riders heading for the open race at Nutt’s Corner, the Phoenix GP.
First here is Lawrence’s report of his team’s adventures in the open race.

“Well the season finally kicked off today. It was a early start myself (larry) Chris Philson Big Al and Simon all got on the road shortly after 8 and headed for Crumlin country Antrim for what was gonna be a fast and tricky start to the season.
After a short stop for coffee on the way we soon found are selves in the community hall in Crumlin signing on. Al and Chris wondered if they should sign on for the cat 4 race but I quickly talked them outta this as its normally a race full of bog men (spacers). What we didn’t know that we had a fellow member of Foyle riding in the race or so we thought.
We made are way to the start line in the new team bus (sponsors required please) as it had decided to hail stone in the area and this would not be the last time we would see this unforgiving weather. After a brief warm up we assembled in our Cat 3 group and got the race underway.
The race was very quick and we soon had a lap of the 6 under our belt and the guys had done well to stay out of trouble. The main groups had caught us with a mile or 2 to go on the second lap. This is where things went a bit wrong. I got a puncture on the way to the line and after waiting a few minutes on neutral service for a new back wheel which they ended up not being able to supply i made my way back to the team bus only to find Al had retired from the race with a very bad cold that had been troubling him for a few days. Here i decided to take advantage of his misfortune and borrowed his back wheel and tried to get back in the race.
After a lap of chasing I soon started to pick up dropped riders and on the way to the end of lap 3 I came across Chris who was riding solo between groups. I offered a wheel but soon found he was no longer there. After another half lap I regrouped with Simon and we soon settled in a group of 12 riders and soon started trying to catch the main bunch the pace was hard and on the last lap we started to split.
A strong finish and well placed 3 Foyle riders. No overall positions as yet but we were told the race had up to 80 riders and we placed well in the top half of the race.
A great days racing by all members and Ed from Foyle/Phoenix who finished well in the cat 4 race. But we are not sure who he was riding for ???
Great recovery drinks on the team bus on the way home.”
Sounds like a hard race and congrats go out to all who competed but especially Simon and Lawrence on a great performance!!

Meanwhile the regular club ride was run off in sunny conditions and featured a run around the Inishowen peninsula taking in the villages of Buncrana, Clonmany, Carn, and Movile with the finish up the Ture straight.
Twelve eager riders turned up for this outing with several members new to the club making their Sunday debut. These included Aaron, Eamonn, John D., and Brian and they showed their fitness and ability by easily lasting the pace in what was a fast run outing.
With Ciaran H back to his best organizational skills the ride was well controlled throughout and all enjoyed an excellent mornings training.
Young Matthew D continued to show his development as a rider as he made the sometimes hairy pace look easy on his gleaming new Dolan machine.
Passing by Gleneely we were fortunate to run in to the Watts peloton as Martin and Olive were discovered on a further secret training mission, Olive looking great on her new carbon Kuota(health to wear!).
On this ascent Brian and ever strong Joe M had an unfortunate wheels disagreement in which Brian came off the worse suffering 3 broken spokes. This put a stop to their gallop as Brian’s wheel took on an oval shape, not conducive to rapid peddling.
The pace on the final run up to Muff was fairly hot and when young Matthew took off for the “30” he was pinned to his collar to hold off fast finishing Ciaran H and ever present Fergal. The Muff contingent of John, Eamonn, and Brian were in their wake showing that the Sunday run is no problem.
Pat McCaffs was not far behind the leading group up showing that it’s not just about the bike. He was followed by Joe and Brian on their somewhat damaged steeds, with a strong late run put in by a youthful Aaron.
An excellent Sunday ride, many new riders introduced to the joys of fast paced adventures.
See you on the road.
P.S. If you have not paid your subs they are VERY OVERDUE. Please submit immediately to Peter Mcl or Gavin.

Women’s run 19.02.2011 by Peter

Six female FCC cyclists, Ashleen, Lucia, Maureen, Rhonda, Sharon and Yvonne, departed Templemore, supported by Alastair & Peter (thanks for the offer Terry) for a mystery tour that promised new roads with challenging climbs, rewarding descents, great scenery, a causeway and swans! Unfortunately by the time we reached Muff we had lost Sharon with mechanical problems. Despite Alastair’s repair she wasn’t confident enough to continue and took her leave.

The plan had been for the group to split with good cyclists taking the steady climb on the main road to the Rock Bar and the stronger members taking the 3 distinct and challenging climbs to Iskaheen Church with all regrouping at the Rock Bar.

However, after a discussion on tactics and a little encouragement all decided to take on the Iskaheen challenge. Congratulations to Ashleen and Lucia, who made light of all three climbs, and to the rest of the group who were thwarted only by the final rise and who with brief respite top the final climb. All enjoyed the challenge and resolved to return to Iskaheen, some with unfinished business, before long.

With Grainne’s Gap visible in the distance (for another day), the group swung left on Carry Road and the descent to the Rock bar. From there we enjoyed the steady descent to Burnfoot where we took a right on the Buncrana Road past the Half Way House then left to Inch Island. As we ended the descent to the Island, we had a wonderful first view of Lough Swilly either side of the causeway. As we regrouped we enjoyed the sight of a dozen or more swans in the Lough. After further council it was decided to take the “Middle Inch” option, saving “Big Inch” (a few miles longer, but with significantly more climbing), for next time. We crossed the causeway on to the island and followed the main road right before taking a (very) sharp left. We climbed on a poor and well patched “road” high over the island and were rewarded with beautiful views over the island, the causeway and the Lough before descending again to the water’s edge and returning to the
Buncrana Road, taking a right back to Burnfoot and Templemore. Ashleen left us at the Skeoge Road and Yvonne at Templemore, while Rhonda, Maureen, Lucia, Alastair and Peter continued to Quay West for a welcome coffee, over which discussion started with power drinks, gels and bars before taking advice from Alastair on how to descend safely at 65mph, overtaking cars and buses! Apparently it’s all about eye-balling  the driver in his rear view mirror to check he knows you are there and then ensuring you have enough in the tank to make a clean pass – oh and yes, Alastair was too modest to add,  a bucket full of courage.

A great days cycling, 30 quality miles covered and all promises fulfilled and more – clear blue skies, sun and a coffee stop. As for those other macho stats – time, pace etc – who knows – who cares!

Week-end run 20/02/2011 by Terry

Here is a short summary of the weekend rides. On Saturday Peter McL and Allister led the ladies group via I Muff and Iskaheen. We let Lucia know that her hubby Joe was amazed that Charlie had been able to encourage her to pay for all the coffees last week as Joe admitted he could never get Lucia to pay for anything ! The remaining male crew were over 20 strong and finally we decided on the challenging Pinch route as we had not been there for a while. By the time we got to Buncrana the sun was out and a beatiful morning was unfolding. The pace was steady and Shaun had a puncture at the T junction just before Dunree. This allowed some of the less experienced guys to take the more direct (but still hilly) route to Pinch, while the rest headed to Dunree and the climb up past the forest. We all gathered at the top of Pinch on a glorious day, had a bit of craic and then proceeded along the top of the hill side before the fast descent to Clonmany.
Some of the newer men thought that 50 mile would be enough and on the first count everyone opted to go straight home via Buncrana. But the warm weather proved too tempting for Alan and Terry McL who decided they would head for Ballyliffen and before long only four took the shorter route. Your scribe was thinking about Sunday and went with Pat, Ian and Raymond who all took turns at the front and had a steady and very enjoyable ride home. The statistics from my computer were 52 miles completed, 1890 calories used and an average speed of 16.5 mph.

On Sunday I arrived at nine at the TSC and was interested how the other 20 got on the previous morning. And guess how many of them managed to turn up on Sunday… not a single one! That must have been some cycle on Saturday ! And for Sunday there was another 20 cyclists, all with fresh legs and raring to go. The route selected was Donema, Strabane and the TV  mast near Plumbridge. There was a strong breeze from the start and thanks to Laurence we decided to head into the wind first. The first few miles were fast, despite the wind, before the pace started to settle. During that time I was canvassing for anyone looking for a shorter route and thankfully the guys from the triathlon club…Frankie, Gary and Paul B had similar thoughts in mind. We stayed with the main group through to Artigarvin, where they headed for Strabane and we felt the wind on ourback as we took the road to Lifford. I finished 47 miles, 1790 claories used and an average spped of 15.9
mph. Talking to Charlie later today I heard that there was a further split when some of the really hard men took a longer route home while he finsihed up with a mere 62 miles.

All in all, two good days in the saddle… no ice, frost or rain, which is rare these days and a few more miles under the belt.

Terry D

Getting ready for the tour/sportive season

Last week-end I was asked  what sportive rides FCC would be participating in and how best to prepare for them.

Our own Inishowen 100 is recognized as one of the top ccylosportive rides in these islands and should be on all members calendar to ride or help run.

Cycling Ireland also posts a full leisure and race calendar on their web site and our own web page carries a link to CI for easy access. In previous years as well as supporting the I100 we have sent large numbers of riders to events in all parts of Ireland and beyond.  Included were Tour of the Glens(first May bank holiday w/e), Bangor coastal challenge (June 19), Wicklow 100/200 June 12, Etape Hibernia (Aug 21), Sean Kelly Tour(Aug 28, etc, etc.. It should be noted that some events do require pre-entry!
These events provide good focus and motivation for your season and are lots of fun.

Our calendar of club sportives, also available on , provides great preparation.
Please note that the Breenagh Tour is coming up very soon, March 27 and many are now putting this first on their cycling season.
Please check back on the web page in the upcoming weeks for more details of how to complete a long distance challenge successfully .  Also pick the brains (!) of your fellow members, many of whom have years of experience.

Feb 13, 2011 week-end report and race info

weather predictions of a poor w/e did not stop a large number of FCC members from taking to the roads around Inishowen for some varied club runs.
Saturday started off cold and a little frosty but the enthusiasm now rampant in the club was evident when almost 30 men, women, and children(all of us!) showed up at the complex eager to venture forth on roads which were less than ideal.
Charlie and Ed volunteered to lead out the ever expanding women’s group and they headed forth on the seacoast road to Moville. Maureen from that group has sent in the report that follows.
“Despite the warnings from intrepid Terry who warned it was too slippy we all felt it was a beautiful morning!. Following a rigorous risk assessment the gals headed out under Charlie’s instruction. Both men’s and women’s groups left together but soon parted in the hamlet of Muff.. The main group was clearly unhappy (not my words, Editor!) with the girls’ messy grouping but in our defence it was more to do with confusion than sloppiness(cue Charlie!. At the time we were in receipt of a variety of instructions from several sources.
We sorted ourselves  quickly and with Moville as our goal the peloton moved on. The conditions were perfect and spring was certainly in the air. Yvonne left us at Quigley’s but Maureen, Lucia, Miriam and Rhonda kept going with Charlie and Ed who also joined us for a gentle spin before his big event on Sunday.
Maud’s cafe called us for a coffee stop(thanks to Lucia who stood the round!). Then it was back on the road for a steady run home.
Oh btw Terrry showed up in Moville and joined the run home.
A great morning and thanks Charlie and Terry for their patience and excellent advice and motivation!?”(Editor’s punctuation!)
Meanwhile the second group of men and women were also having their fun!
With young Eamon experiencing a second week of punctures the group split near Quigley’s. The hope was that we would meet again at Moville or at least on the Shroove circuit. However, this was not to be as the larger group decided in their wisdom to change the route and took the road for Carn and Glentogher after a brief stop in Moville.
This group also split at Carn when Martin and Olive became distanced and inadvertently took the Clonmany road. A smaller group of newer cyclists was shepherded home by Peter McL with some heavy work being done in to an ever strengthening wind.
Those of us who headed on the planned circuit of Shroove enjoyed an excellent morning ride and also picked up club members Ciaran O’D and Kevin G who had become separated from the main bunch.
Everyone enjoyed their morning spin. The weather was superb, the craic was mighty. We might consider how we execute of planned club rides at our next session.
Sunday started off foggy and once again a strong contingent of FCC club men showed up ready to put in some training for the season soon to be upon us.
We decided to stay on the peninsula and left the complex bound for Buncrana, Clonmany, Carn, Moville and Derry. The twelve riders in our peloton includeded some fit and experienced athletes and the pace maintained during our 60 mile run certainly did not flag for any appreciable time.
Heading past North Pole bar we picked up some friends from the Buncrana club and although they held their powder dry for several miles this did not last.
With Simon and Aaron making a good pace up the hill from Clonmany the N Pole sextet decided to test the Foyle boys and it was eyeballs out from there to Carn. The climb up Ballyliffin proved no barrier and everyone took this at maximum power. The Buncrana men were still at the front but were beginning to show signs of weakening. Sensing this Simon, Aaron, Lawrence, and Chris, took to the front and kept the pace high for the final few miles to Carn.
Here our N Pole friends took a somewhat chastened leave and we headed on to Moville at briefly more relaxed pace.
An elongated stop for a puncture to Alastair and we were once again on the road taking the “30 mile” at Moville at maximum speed.
Our next challenge was the the “flat” road in past Quigley’s Point. Here returnee Frankie D set up a fast changing “bit and bit” session keeping our speed high and shortening the time in to wind for each of our group. Things got hairy and rather fast past the Ture Inn and the select group left to fight out the finish at Muff consisted of Lawrence, Colin Mc, Aaron, Simon, Eamon(power man), Chris, and ever improving new man Joe M. Unfortunately from my vantage point I was unable to see who took the honours!
A great morning’s fun, great training for the new season, and a friendly tussle with our N Pole friends.
As a bonus we were happy to do some talent scouting among the comely Carn maidens at the gas staion in Carn. Early morning revellers or late nite celebs!
The 2011 race season starts in a few weeks and Lawrence has asked to remind all parties that the Phoenix GP will be on Sunday 27 Feb. This is a flatter course tham Annaclone and caters for A and B riders. The race distances are 90k and 60k with sign-on being held on the race day. (no pre-entry required).
Also, Lawrence asks if anyone is interested in heading to the Phoenix reliability trial on Sunday 20/02.

Remember more circuits on Thursday at 7p.m. in Energie gym. Lots of spaces still available.
Finally, if you have not done so, would you please pay your subs now. They are past due.

See you on the road.